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Staff List

Head Teacher and Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mrs B Waite 

Deputy Head Teacher 

Mr C Gunning

Assistant Head Teacher

Mrs P Kuevi

Year 6 Class Teacher (UKS2 and Science Leader)

Mr R Haslem

Year 5 Class Teacher 

Miss R Terry 

Year 4 Class Teacher (LKS2 and KS2 Maths Leader)

Mrs S Reed 

 Year 4 Class Teacher Miss K Hodgkin

Year 3 Class Teacher 

Mrs Tough

Year 2 Class Teacher  (KS1 and English Leader)

Miss N Morris 

Year 1 Class Teacher 

Mrs S Jackson


EYFS Leader and EYFS & KS1 Maths Leader

Mrs A Henkes

Reception Class Teacher 

Miss E Flannery

 Maternity Leave  Mrs O'Callaghan

Special Needs Co-Ordinator

Miss L Phillips

Teaching Assistant Support

  • Miss D Breheny - Nursery
  • Mrs A Taylor - Nursery
  • Miss S Knight - Nursery
  • Miss T Evans - Reception
  • Miss C Payne - SEN Team (Apprentice Teaching Assistant)
  • Miss E McGonigle - Year 1 - SEN Team
  • Miss S Dolan - Yr 4 (Apprentice Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs E Baczkowska - Yr 3
  • Mrs C Luff - Yr 4
  • Miss K Holmes - SEN Team (Apprentice Teaching Assistant)
  • Miss N Herber - Yr 5
  • Mrs Lindars - SEN Team (Apprentice Teacher Assistant)
  • Miss E McConnell - Yr 6
  • Mrs P Wells - Yr 6

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and Parent Support Worker

Mrs D Bond

Lunchtime Supervisor 

  • Mrs S Winch

Additional support provided by all Teaching Assistants

Breakfast Club

Kidz Zone

After School Club

Kidz Zone

School Operations Manager

Office Business Manager

Finance & Personnel Manager 

Miss S Peak

Mrs C Gleghorn

Mrs A Taylor 

 Attendance Officer  Miss C Gow (and Administration Support)

Premises Manager

Mr R Bond 


Mrs V Bennett (Supervisor)

Mrs W Yoxall

Mr S Payne 

Miss T Butler



Mr Prime (Kitchen Manager)

Miss J Mason (Kitchen Assistant)