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School Aims

Vision and Mission Statement 2018

At Thornhill Primary School our vision is to develop happy, motivated pupils, staff and governors who are;

  • Able to work together as a whole school community
  • Willing to embrace change, be innovative and respond to new ideas
  • Able to express themselves with confidence
  • Willing to learn and aspire to be the best
  • Able to give, receive and value feedback

We will achieve this by;

  • Creating an environment for learning that is stimulating and enjoyable for both pupils and staff
  • Focusing on improving standards of attainment and progress through enquiry and curiosity
  • Providing a positive ‘can do’ culture where praise, respect and encouragement
  • prevail and where self - esteem is high
  • Embedding self-respect and self-discipline in work and behaviour
  • Listening to our school community, valuing their views and acting on what they say
  • Working in partnership with other professionals in order to improve our provision and practice

By the time they leave Thornhill, our pupils will

  • Be proud of their achievements
  • Be lifelong learners with a strong set of practical, social and emotional skills
  • Have a sense a sense of personal achievement and pride in their school and their community.
  • Move to their new school with confidence and a desire to build on their knowledge

The information above can also be viewed and downloaded by clicking the attachment below.