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Remote Learning

Remote Learning – Online Education

As you all know, Covid 19 has caused a huge disruption to education across the country and although children are now, thankfully, back in school fulltime, we have to be prepared for the possibility of another ‘lockdown’ situation where children are not able to come into school.

Possible situations that could lead to a ‘lockdown’:

In the case of a local government enforced ‘lockdown’, all children in the school would be asked to stay home for a certain amount of time. This may be 14 days or more.

The school would still be open for children of ‘Key Workers’ and certain groups of vulnerable children.

In each of these situations, the school will continue to provide some sort of ‘core’ education for your children.

Based on the feedback that we have collected from parents via our online questionnaire which 110 families responded to, we know what you are all in very different situations when it comes to helping your child learn from home. Therefore, we have designed a three tier approach to helping all of our families. These are outlined below.

For children who do not have access to a laptop, desktop computer or tablet.

  • You will be provided with a range of textbooks, workbooks, reading materials and photocopied worksheets that are appropriate for your child to work through independently or with a little parental support.
  • For children in Reception (Bobcats), you will receive a resource activity pack linked to the EYFS curriculum.

For children who have access to a tablet that has access to the internet but will not work with Google Classroom.

  • You will have access to a range of different personalised online programmes to support your learning in maths, spelling, reading material and reading comprehension. These are managed by your class teachers who will be able to assess the work that you are completing. These websites will also work well on a smartphone but will be slightly more difficult to use due to the size of the device. Your teachers will have already given you personalised login details and helped you to get started on these programmes. The programmes are as follows:

Epic Books – Spellingframe – Read Theory – – Prodigygame

For children who have access to a laptop, desktop computer or tablet that has good connectivity.

  • You will have access to Google Classroom where teachers will provide you with daily maths, reading and writing activities as well as project work and challenges to complete.
  • Teachers will organise group video meets via Google Classroom and will be able to do some face to face (via screen) teaching. 
  • This group will also have access to the programmes mentioned above to support reading, spelling and maths.

We are confident that this approach should allow us to reach as many children as possible in the event of a ‘lockdown’.

If at any time you find that you are unable to access any of the learning resources that we are providing for your children, you must contact the school office to find out how to access. We will be able to offer support.

As much as we hope that these resources will not have to be used, we hope that this approach helps you to feel confident that your children will be able to continue their education even if they had to remain at home.


Yours sincerely,

The Senior Team