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Ofsted Quotes

"The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education since the last inspection. Consistently good teaching ensures that pupils develop positive attitudes to learning at the school."

"Pupils' current work shows that they are responding well to the additional challenges provided. They leave the school in Year 6 with a secure understanding of the skills required to do well in subjects including science, history, geography and art."

"Teachers prepare a range of interesting activities that engage pupils effectively. They make the focus of lessons clear so that pupils understand what they are expected to achieve. In English and Mathematics this approach is reinforced regularly by constructive feedback."

"Pupils conduct themselves responsibly in lessons and around the school. They are enthusiastic learners who respond well to questions and challenges. Their perseverance, the school's current focus, is reflected in their lengthy writing which pupils have refined well. Any behaviour that does not meet your expectations is dealt with firmly. Pupils feel that behaviour is managed fairly."

"The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils contributes to their confidence that school is a safe and stimulating place to learn. Assemblies are used effectively to ensure that pupils start their school work with a positive frame of mind. They develop pride in their work, evident in the care pupils take with their handwriting as they progress through the school."

"The school's safeguarding procedures ensure that pupils know who to turn to should they have any concerns. Wide-ranging work with families, including guidance provided by a specialist family support worker, contributes to high-quality care. Pupils, particularly the school council, take an active part in developing rules and regulations that they are all expected to follow."