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What kind of rewards do we use?  

At Thornhill, the emphasis is on positive behaviour. It is important to us that as part of the process of maintaining a positive environment within our school, children’s good behaviour is rewarded frequently. Positive reinforcement is extremely important because it allows us to reward and shape children’s behaviour rather than constantly reminding them of their negative behaviour. 

What does positive reinforcement look like at Thornhill Primary School?


At Thornhill, we use an online reward system called ClassDojo. This gives all staff the ability to reward children with points that are immediately communicated with linked family members via a mobile phone application. We believe that this is a wonderfully visual way to support children in understanding their positive behaviours. This system is used in all classrooms in the school and also provides a nice simple platform for teachers to communicate with parents and vice versa. This means that we are always kept fully up to date with everyone’s behaviour. 

In class, teachers agree certain incentives with the children in their classes. For example, once a child has reached a milestone numbers of dojos, say 30, they can then choose from a list of previously agreed prizes or rewards. We have agreed to keep this flexible as we understand that each cohort of children is different from another and is motivated by different types of rewards and prizes. Every class is treated individually. Examples of likely points that children will receive are below. 


All children need and deserve to feel that their hard work and good behaviour is appreciated. At Thornhill, we place enormous importance on truly celebrating our core learning values. To do this we use a range of certificates including:

For more information on how we manage behaviour, please see the attached policy.