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Art and Design Technology

At Thornhill, we hold Art and Design Technology in very high regard. For this reason, we have a specialist Art and Design Technology teacher who works with all of our children from Year 1 - Year 6 every single week. 

This means that we can truly offer our children the opportunity to develop their skills under expert instruction. 

In this part of our website, you'll be able to find an overview of our curriculum for Art and Design Technology, along with some photographs of the incredible work that the children produce day in, day out. 

We hope that you enjoy. 


Year One

The year 1 have been looking at the Artist Yayoi Kusama this term. They have used her work as their inspiration to create these beautifully  patterned hot air balloons. Look inside the baskets and you will see mini self portraits of the children waving at you. 

Year Two

Year 2 have kept on the topic of The Owl who was afraid of the dark, by Jill Tomlinson. They have looked at different methods of markmarking to create owls in different mediums. They have drawn owls, collaged owls and made a whole parliament of owls out of clay!