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Writing Inspiration - Creature spotted on school grounds!

Dear Parents/Carers

This morning, all children from Reception to Year 6 were invited to an assembly where they were shown a video of a 'creature' that has been sighted on school grounds. 

The idea of this is to get the children excited about writing a set of instructions for how to trap the creature so that it can be returned to its natural habitat, and it's fair to say that all the children were very excited by the end of the assembly. 

Throughout the day we've been having wonderful discussions with the children about what the creature might be and where it might be hiding or what it might do next. 

All teachers have made it very clear to the children that this creature is a friendly creature and not to be worried about so, please, when the children come home and tell you all about it, remember that it's all a good bit of fun and something exciting for the children to think about during their learning. 

This will be going on for the next couple of weeks so please do amuse the children's imaginations and let them have a bit of fun with it. 

Perhaps talk about ways to take care of it or think about what it might like for lunch or dinner. Maybe the children would like to design it a little place to sleep so that it doesn't get cold. Anything to keep it positive and fun. 

Thanks for the support.