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School Lunches - Some changes

Have no fear, the lunch that your child receives is not changing!

However, the way you book it for them and where they eat it is changing. Read on to find out about the simple changes we are making to give you a better understanding of what your child is eating and how you pay for it. 

With the colder weather setting in, we have decided to keep the younger children on the Grove Road site for their lunch. This means that there is no risk of children getting cold or wet walking over to the Silver Birch site for their lunch, or any slips, trips or falls if the path becomes icy during very cold weather. The usual hot lunches will be transported over to Grove Road hall from Silver Birch kitchen for all children from Nursery through to Year 2. 

Children in KS2 will continue to have their lunch in the Silver Birch Hall. 

You will have noticed that during the half-term, you received a notification from ParentPay explaining that you are now able to book your child's school lunch via the app. This makes things much more simple for both you and us and ensures that you are able to discuss food choices with your child while looking at the menu. 

Please see the links below which provide detailed instructions for how to book lunches for your child.

We understand that there may well be some teething problems with the new system, so we have agreed to a 2-week settling in period where children will still be able to book lunches in school. However, by Monday 14th November, we do expect full use of the online booking system and will not be accepting lunch bookings in school.

 If you are experiencing any difficulties with the new system, please direct your questions to


Thornhill Leadership Team