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School lunches – ParentPay

School lunches – ParentPay

As the school year progresses, it is important to remember to use the ParentPay App to order your child's lunch. The ParentPay App makes ordering lunch easy, convenient, and saves time for both parents and the school.

The ParentPay App is a user-friendly platform that allows parents to easily order and pay for their child's lunch online. By using the app, parents can select from a variety of menu options, including vegetarian options, and ensure that their child's dietary needs are met.

Ordering lunch through the ParentPay App also helps to reduce waste and ensures that the school kitchen is able to prepare the right amount of food. This not only helps the environment but also helps to reduce costs for the school, which can then be passed on to parents in the form of lower lunch prices.

Recently, the school kitchen has faced an issue where many children who take school lunches have not been placing their orders. This has become unmanageable for the kitchen and cannot be continued.

To address this, from now on, the children whose parents have ordered their lunch through the ParentPay App will take priority in the lunch queue to make sure that they receive what they have ordered. Unfortunately, those who have not ordered will have to choose from what is left, which is likely to be limited to jacket potatoes and baked beans or simple sandwiches. We kindly ask parents to prioritise ordering their child's lunch to ensure that they have access to a wider variety of meal options and to help the kitchen staff manage the lunch service efficiently.

If you have already activated your account but are not able to access your ParentPay account, you will likely need to request a password reset. This is not something that our office team can help with unfortunately so you will need to request this yourself by clicking ‘forgotten my password’.

If you have not yet activated your account, you can pop in and ask Mrs Gleghorn to provide you with a letter including your username and password details.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.