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  • Opening Evening for 2024 Reception Intake

    Published 30/10/23

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  • Is my child to ill for school?

    Published 28/09/23

    It can be tricky deciding whether or not to keep your child off school, nursery or playgroup when they're unwell.

    There are government guidelines for schools and nurseries about managing specific infectious diseases at GOV.UK. These say when children should be kept off school and when they shouldn't.

    If you do keep your child at home, it's important to phone the school or nursery on the first day. Let them know that your child won't be in and give them the reason.

    If your child is well enough to go to school but has an infection that could be passed on, such as a cold sore or head lice, let their teacher know.

    Other illnesses

    Follow this advice for other illnesses:

    Coughs and colds

    It's fine to send your child to school with a minor cough or common cold. But if they have a fever, keep them off school until the fever goes.

    Encourage your child to throw away any used tissues and to wash their hands regularly.

    High temperature

    If your child has a high temperature, keep them off school until it goes away.


    If your child has chickenpox, keep them off school until all the spots have crusted over.

    This is usually about 5 days after the spots first appeared.

    Cold sores

    There's no need to keep your child off school if they have a cold sore.

    Encourage them not to touch the blister or kiss anyone while they have the cold sore, or to share things like cups and towels.


    You don't need to keep your child away from school if they have conjunctivitis.

    Do get advice from your pharmacist. Encourage your child not to rub their eyes and to wash their hands regularly.


    If your child has mild symptoms, such as a runny nose, sore throat, or slight cough, and feels well enough, they can go to school.

    Your child should try to stay at home and avoid contact with other people if they have symptoms of COVID-19 and they either:

    • have a high temperature
    • do not feel well enough to go to school or do their normal activities

    What to do if your child has tested positive

    Your child is no longer required to do a COVID-19 rapid lateral flow test if they have symptoms. But if your child has tested positive for COVID-19, they should try to stay at home and avoid contact with other people for 3 days after the day they took the test.

    Ear infection

    If your child has an ear infection and a high temperature or severe earache, keep them off school until they're feeling better or their high temperature goes away.

    Hand, foot and mouth disease

    If your child has hand, foot and mouth disease but seems well enough to go to school, there's no need to keep them off.

    Encourage your child to throw away any used tissues straight away and to wash their hands regularly.

    Head lice and nits

    There's no need to keep your child off school if they have head lice.

    You can treat head lice and nits without seeing a GP.


    If your child has impetigo, they'll need treatment from a GP, often with antibiotics.

    Keep them off school until all the sores have crusted over and healed, or for 48 hours after they start antibiotic treatment.

    Encourage your child to wash their hands regularly and not to share things like towels and cups with other children at school.


    If your child has ringworm, see your pharmacist unless it's on their scalp, in which case you should see a GP.

    It's fine for your child to go to school once they have started treatment.

    Scarlet fever

    If your child has scarlet fever, they'll need treatment with antibiotics from a GP. Otherwise they'll be infectious for 2 to 3 weeks.

    Your child can go back to school 24 hours after starting antibiotics.

    Slapped cheek syndrome (fifth disease)

    You don't need to keep your child off school if they have slapped cheek syndrome because, once the rash appears, they're no longer infectious.

    But let the school or teacher know if you think your child has slapped cheek syndrome.

    Sore throat

    You can still send your child to school if they have a sore throat. But if they also have a high temperature, they should stay at home until it goes away.


    A sore throat and a high temperature can be symptoms of tonsillitis.


    You don't need to keep your child off school if they have threadworms.

    Speak to your pharmacist, who can recommend a treatment.

    Vomiting and diarrhoea

    Children with diarrhoea or vomiting should stay away from school until they have not been sick or had diarrhoea for at least 2 days (48 hours).

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    Published 28/09/23

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  • Year 6 Leavers Assembly

    Published 18/07/23

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  • End of Year Reports

    Published 03/07/23

    Dear Parents and Carers,

    Re: Update on End of Year Reports

    I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to inform you about a change in the planned date for the distribution of end-of-year reports due to upcoming teacher strike action.

    As you may be aware, our dedicated teaching staff have been negotiating with the authorities for improved working conditions and fair remuneration. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts to reach a resolution, the negotiations have not yet concluded, leading to the decision to take strike action.

    Due to this planned strike action, we regret to inform you that the end-of-year reports, which were originally scheduled to be sent home this Friday, will now be distributed on Friday, 14th July. The strike action will affect the preparation and completion of the reports, and we want to ensure that our teachers have the necessary time and focus to provide accurate and detailed feedback on your child's progress.

    We appreciate your understanding and support in this matter. As always, we value your partnership and commitment to your child's education. If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will keep you updated on any further developments regarding the strike action.

    Thank you for your understanding.

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  • Updates for Summer dates

    Published 30/06/23

    Transition Day

    Thursday 13th July 2023

    Children will spend the day in their new class with their new teacher for September.

    We have new teachers joining us due to the growth of the school however, two are unable to attend Transition day and therefore will come in to meet their class on another day.


    Sports Day

    Friday 14th July 2023:  Sports day will be held on Grove Road site


    EYFS (Foxes & Squirrels) – 9.15 to 10.15am

    KS1 (years 1 & 2) – 10.30 – 12pm

    KS2 (years 3, 4 5 & 6) 1.30 – 3.15pm


    School Parliament -  Yellow Polo shirts

    All children have now voted democratically (in line with our British Values) for their new School Parliament reps for September. These children will also be part of the schools’ Well-Being Squad. So that they are easily identifiable to other children they will wear Yellow Polo Shirts which will be purchased by the school. All other children will remain in white polo shirts.



    A polite reminder that children should wear the correct school uniform at all times. For health and safety reasons hair below the shoulder must be tied back, including on non-uniform days and earrings must be small studs.

    A large number of children are wearing trainers in school which are not part of the uniform unless it’s a PE day. Please ensure children continue to wear school shoes rather than trainers or sandals.


    Uniform Shop

    The school second hand uniform shop will be open every Thursday after school. You may wish to swap uniform too.

    If your child has grown out of shoes and they are in a reasonable condition, then please don’t throw them away but donate to school instead.



    We are asking for parents to volunteer some of their time and join our PTA. Without your help we are unable to hold exciting events such as Summer fairs. If you are interested, please email Miss Gow in the school office.

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  • Theatre Kids Club

    Published 29/06/23

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  • Parenting Insight

    Published 27/06/23

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  • Play in the Park - 2nd July

    Published 27/06/23

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  • Summer Holiday Club

    Published 13/06/23

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  • Child Moving School?

    Published 06/06/23

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