After School Club and Breakfast Club

Breakfast and After School Club run Monday - Friday and are a wonderful opportunity for children to socialize with friends and make new ones. It has also builds children’s confidence and improves their social skills.

Breakfast club runs from 7.45am – 8.45am and we offer a healthy choice of breakfast such as cereal, toast, fresh fruit, milk and water. The cost for this is £3.50 per child.

After School Club  runs from 3.30pm - 4.30pm = £3.50 (includes juice and biscuit). The club offers a fun environment where children gain confidence in social skills. We also offer support with reading and homework and there is a wide range of independent activities such as laptops, role play, Lego and board games.

Prior to attending our Breakfast or After School Clubs registration forms must be completed. These are attached or are available from the school office.

In addition to the above paid club we run variuos whole school after school clubs every Monday and Tuesday. These are free and change termly. See office staff for details.

In addition to the above we run Booster Clubs for children in Year 5 & 6. Please speak to the class teacher about this club.

With the exception of Booster and Homework Club you MUST BOOK your child a place as many of the above clubs have a limited number of spaces.

Please return the completed form to the school office.

  1. Registration Form 2017 Afterschool and Breakfast clubs
  2. AfterSchool Club Sickness and Accidents Policy 2017
  3. Afterschool Club Behaviour and Missing Child Policy 2017
  4. AfterSchool Club Policy and Procedures for Safe Arrival and Departure
  5. AfterSchool Club H&S Policy 2017
  6. Afterschool Club Terms and Conditions 2017